How we do it

Our coaching has been described as participating in powerful and high impact conversations!

We talk and we ask questions or rather we coach, and as we do so we inspire with integrity, new ways of thinking which guides individuals to perceive situations and themselves from an entirely different viewpoint which ultimately develops a growth mind-set. We hold the mirror up to your leadership and this often leads to key breakthroughs. Steve Chandler, author of ‘The Prosperous Coach’ refers to Coaching as “miracle business” and we absolutely agree – those miracle realisations are pure gold dust for leaders and are extremely powerful resulting in propelling both them and their teams forward toward ultimate success.

We play to individuals' strengths and we encourage each bee to nurture and develop themselves to find their own purpose and fit, and to gain clarity on their own contribution to the hive’s success.

Our Coaching can often be challenging and as a result individuals build their own confidence bank and find ways of unsticking themselves - to be more accepting of self / to make different choices when needed / to discover their purpose / their Why - to change.

Our corporate background means that we have a real feel for leading teams as well as working in the hive and all the 'stuff' this brings with it.  We include some interesting diagnostics including MBTI and PRISM Brain Mapping to start the change process.