The hive

What we do

Here at Pure Gold Dust we are eternally curious to know what is possible and so we are all about inspiring new ways of thinking in your leaders and your teams and we call it Leadership Development. We do this through coaching and bespoke development programmes.

So you may ask why Pure Gold Dust?

When we coach we create space for the individual and space is where the miracles occur. We encourage self-awareness and it is in this place of self-discovery that transformation takes place. For example, once a leader understands what makes him/her tick they can align themselves with the organisation as they gain real clarity on their own vision and purpose. They begin to have a clear insight into how they fit into the Hive and how they communicate to others what they are all about. We encourage this self-awareness whilst understanding that everyone works as part of the hive.

Our coaching encourages leaders to reflect and gain clarity on how they lead and create change and make strong decisions. We believe it is all about how you show up as a leader and as a unique individual.

We develop talent for the future as we help people to become unstuck and we encourage individuality whilst still playing your part in the team/hive

Personal insight and awareness is alchemy for business – Pure Gold Dust.