Wax lyrical

Why work with us?

Teams and their leaders can become unmoored from their values under the pressure of achieving targets/goals or they can become dysfunctional for various reasons. 

There is a huge amount of research into why this might be however here at Pure Gold Dust Limited we believe that if you 'know thyself' and know your purpose [your Why] and you uncover your intrinsic motivation, you gain more clarity as you become aligned.

Personal insight is gold dust.

Our methods can turn that insight into golden opportunities, real alchemy for your business.

Read what others have to say:

You've really made me think about who I am as a leader of people and what is possible. I'm totally energised and full of optimism for the future! Thanks"

Team Manager

Best workshop I have attended in my whole career; thanks for your energy and enthusiasm and more importantly I've learnt some great stuff to help me in my role"

Team Member

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